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Enhance Your Visibility With the Behance App

For those in creative industries, especially designers, getting your name out to potential clients can be difficult. You know you have talent to offer, but how are other people going to know? Online portfolios can be a great way to show your work while social networks can be a great way to build your brand and make connections. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way combine both, so you could build your network and showcase your talent at the same time? That is where Behance comes in.

What Is Behance?

Behance is a showcase platform website (and app) and social network for the creative industry. The company was founded in 2006 to help organize, the disorganized creative community.

When people put their work up on the Internet, it often didn’t get the proper attribution and credit it deserved. The thought was, ‘Let’s make a platform for people to showcase and discover what’s going on in the creative world”. – Scott Belsky, Creator of Behance

Success Of The App

  • In 2012 Adobe purchased Behance for over $150 million dollars.
  • According to a Forbes article in July of 2013 Behance had 1.5 million users.
  • In 2015, Behance has over 6 million members, 200 million page views, and 10,0000 new projects uploaded daily.
  • In May of 2016 Behance had over 67 million profile views worldwide in thirty days.

Benefits of Behance For Designers 

Here are my top three reasons that designers should use Beehance.

1. Community

Behance has features built in to allow for users to interact with each other and build a community. These features include:

  • The ability to follow artists
  • Once artists are followed users receive updates about the artists projects
  • Comment on each others work
  • Leave feedback on work
  • Tag other users
  • “Appreciate” (like) the work of other users

2. Get Featured

Behance has featured galleries that features the profiles of certain profiles. Having a profile featured is a great way to get more visibility on Behance. This article has a great list of steps to take to get a profile featured.

3. Find a Job

Not only does Behance offer the ability to showcase portfolio online, it
provides a place to display your work experience. You can add as much past work experience as you want. Potential employers can download profile in resume for while browsing projects that potential candidates have worked on.

If you are the proactive type you can utilize the search feature of Behance to look for job listings. In order to find the perfect opportunities you can filter search results by company, field and location.

Tips for Success on Behance

Let me know if you have had any experience on Behance, what you think about it or any tips and tricks that you may have!


11 thoughts on “Enhance Your Visibility With the Behance App”

  1. Hello! Thanks for this great blog post on Behance. I have never heard of it before, it sounds really great. There is an art show that takes place annually where I work and I think this app can be really useful and beneficial for the artists to use. Thanks for sharing! -Kristen


  2. Hi Sam, This is great information. I work with a PR Firm who needed assistance with a piece of collateral and this is an avenue for her to turn to to uncover an artist to help her clients. I appreciate the real-world application and the layout is very appealing. – Stacey


    1. Hi Stacey,

      Aw, thank you! If the PR firm ends up using Behance (and you can), please let me know how the experience was. After writing about it, I want to use it, although I do not have much of a reason to at the current moment.


  3. This sounds like a really beneficial app for designers! Your post provided a wealth of information about this program. I love how Behance gives people the chance to network with potential employers, getting your name and your work out there can be difficult I’m sure.


    1. Hi Ashely,
      Thank you! I thought it was really awesome that it provides the designer with the ability to connect with the potential employer as well. I myself, am not a designer, but being able to find credible job opportunities has been a challenge expressed to me by some of my designer friends.


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